Ilya Charniauski | Historian & Private Collector

Ilya Charniauski | Local on-site Group, Novogrudok/Belarus

Ilya Charniausky as born in Baranovichy (Brest region) and today lives in Minsk. He graduated from the historical faculty of the Belarusian State University (BSU). He works at the Groshi Museum of Money in Minsk.

“I am writing a dissertation which is about the personnel of partisan formations of Western Belarus in 1941-1944. The main hobby of my life is collecting old original photos and documents of the Soviet partisans, the Polish army before 1939 (Wojsko Polskie) and the Polish units in the allied forces (1939-1945), of the time of the first Soviet power (1939-1941) and the German occupation in Western Belarus (1941-1944) and of the labor emigration of Belarusians before WWII. And I like man’s artistic gymnastics and delicious beer.”

See Ilya's land-art installation created in the Naliboki forest during our first on-site meeting in Belarus (8-14 August 2021): VIDEO